NLS 10564 | 20w = 26W | 240v G9 | Frosted Halogen Lamp

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NLS 10564 | 20W = 26W | 240V G9 Frosted Halogen Lamp - Efficient, Versatile Lighting

Elevate your lighting solutions with the NLS 10564 | 20W = 26W | 240V G9 Frosted Halogen Lamp. This lamp offers both efficiency and versatility, making it an excellent choice for various lighting needs. With its frosted UV filter glass envelope and innovative features, it's the ideal lighting solution for homes and businesses.

Key Features:

  • Dual Wattage: Experience the flexibility of 20W = 26W lighting options
  • Frosted Glass: Frosted UV filter glass envelope enhances the lighting ambiance
  • Mains Voltage Compatible: Use in mains voltage fittings without requiring a transformer
  • Dimmable: Adjust the light intensity to match your preferences
  • Safety Assured: Double fused for added safety
  • Standard Compliance: Manufactured to Standard AS/NZS 60432.2:2007 for reliable performance

Discover the power of efficient lighting with the NLS 10564 | 20W = 26W | 240V G9 Frosted Halogen Lamp.


  • Domestic and Commercial: Ideal for both home and business lighting needs
  • Accent and Task Lighting: Perfect for accentuating spaces and illuminating tasks
  • Space Optimization: Especially suitable for compact spaces and furniture integration

Usage Notes:

  • Can be used in both open and glass fronted luminaires to AS/NZS 60598
  • Burning Position: Universal


Explore the technical details of the NLS 10564 and its remarkable features:

  • SKU: 10564
  • Barcode: 9336700003531
  • Shipping Weight: 0.0060kg
  • Shipping Dimensions:
    • Width: 0.020m
    • Height: 0.020m
    • Length: 0.065m
    • Cubic Volume: 0.000026000m³
  • Type: Lighting

Elevate your lighting experience with the NLS 10564 | 20W = 26W | 240V G9 Frosted Halogen Lamp. Efficiency, versatility, and innovation in one exceptional lighting solution.

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