100% Carbon Neutral Delivery with Sendle

We've partnered with Sendle, Australia's first 100% carbon neutral delivery service, and a tech B Corp. Our goal at DZ Electrical is to minimize the environmental impact of parcel deliveries while ensuring they don't harm the planet.

What is 100% Carbon Neutral Delivery?

It refers to achieving a balance between carbon dioxide (and equivalent) emissions, known as CO2e, and the reduction of these emissions. Elevated CO2e levels are a major contributor to harmful climate change.

Many people overlook the environmental impact of online shopping deliveries, but the transportation and logistics involved contribute significantly to global CO2e emissions, accounting for over 10% of them.

Being carbon neutral entails ensuring that the CO2e emissions you produce are offset through initiatives like reforestation, upgrading equipment for increased efficiency, or community development programs like beekeeping training. This offsets the emissions, resulting in a net zero contribution to atmospheric CO2e.

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