NLS 30142 | Heavy Duty 7 Hole 370Amp 500v Neutral Link

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NLS 30142 Heavy Duty 7 Hole 370Amp 500V Neutral Link: Efficient Cable Termination for Enhanced Electrical Systems

Enhance your cable termination solutions with the NLS 30142 Heavy Duty 7 Hole Neutral Link. This termination bar offers a seamless and cost-effective way to terminate multiple cables into meter boards or enclosures. Designed to optimize space and convenience, this neutral link ensures streamlined cable management while maintaining the integrity of your electrical systems.

Key Features:

  • 500V Voltage Rating: Built to withstand varying voltage levels, this neutral link is suitable for a wide range of electrical applications.
  • 370A Amp Rating: With a robust 370A amp rating, this neutral link accommodates heavy electrical loads, ensuring efficient power distribution.
  • 7 Hole Link: Featuring 7 holes, this neutral link allows for the termination of multiple cables, streamlining your cable management process.
  • Terminal Options: This neutral link offers various terminal options to accommodate cables of different sizes:
    • 2 Terminals: 5.5mm - Accommodates up to 16mm² cables
    • 2 Terminals: 8.0mm - Accommodates up to 50mm² cables
    • 1 Terminal: 9.5mm - Accommodates up to 120mm² cables
    • 2 Terminals: 15.3mm - Accommodates up to 150mm² cables
  • Dimensions:
    • Length: 160mm
    • Width: 54mm
    • Depth: 55mm


  • SKU: 30142
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Upgrade your cable termination solutions with the NLS 30142 Heavy Duty 7 Hole Neutral Link. Engineered by National Light Sources, this neutral link offers efficient cable management and reliable power distribution.

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