NLS 30294 | Heavy Duty 13 Hole 350Amp 500v Active Link

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NLS 30294 | Heavy Duty 13 Hole 350Amp 500V Active Link - Streamlined Cable Termination Solution

The NLS 30294 Heavy Duty 13 Hole Active Link offers a practical solution for efficiently terminating multiple cables within meter boards or enclosures. Designed to simplify cable management, this active link is a crucial component in switchboards, enabling electricians to conveniently terminate corresponding cables.

Key Features:

  • Efficient Cable Termination: The 13 hole active link streamlines the termination process for multiple cables, making it an indispensable tool for organized cable management in switchboards.
  • Versatile Terminals: With accommodations ranging from 4.6mm² to 150mm², this active link offers versatile cable termination options, adapting to various cable sizes.
  • Cost-Effective Space Utilization: Active links optimize space by efficiently accommodating multiple cables, delivering a cost-effective cable management solution.
  • Simple Cable Identification: Numbered terminals facilitate quick identification of corresponding cables, ensuring a smooth and error-free termination process.

Technical Specifications:

  • SKU: 30294

Active Link Details:

  • Type: Active / Neutral Links
  • Brand: National Light Sources
  • Colour: Red
  • Width (mm): 43
  • Depth (mm): 50
  • Length (mm): 120
  • Number of Terminals: 13

Additional Information:

  • Voltage Rating: 500V
  • Current Rating: 350A

The NLS 30294 Heavy Duty 13 Hole Active Link is engineered to meet the demands of efficient cable termination, supporting organized cable management and optimal space utilization in switchboards and enclosures.

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