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NLS 30318 | Solid Mounting Block - Sturdy Surface Mount Solution for Electrical Accessories

The NLS 30318 Solid Mounting Block is a reliable solution designed for surface mounting standard size wall plates with 84mm centers, including power points, light switches, and various electrical accessories. This mounting block ensures a secure and protective platform for mounting these accessories onto walls or ceilings. Its versatility extends to metal walls, such as sheds, providing a solid surface for mounting.

Key Features:

  • Solid Mounting: The deep 38mm (35mm internal) design of the mounting block allows ample space for housing or terminating cables, ensuring a neat and organized installation.
  • Conduit Entries: Equipped with 20mm conduit entries on both the left and right sides, offering convenient options for cable routing.
  • Enhanced Protection: Ideal for applications requiring additional protection or when mounting on metal sheds. The heavy-duty PVC construction safeguards cables and electrical components from potential damage.
  • Complete Set: The mounting block comes complete with two wall plate mounting screws, ensuring a hassle-free installation process.
  • Standard Centers: With 84mm centers, the mounting block is compatible with most standard wall outlets, allowing seamless integration into various installations.
  • Optimal Dimensions: Measures 115mm in length, 74mm in width, and has a depth of 38mm, providing ample space for mounting and cable management.

Technical Specifications:

  • SKU: 30318

Mounting Block Details:

  • Type: Electrical Accessories
  • Brand: National Light Sources
  • Colour: White
  • Width (mm): 74
  • Depth (mm): 38
  • Length (mm): 115
  • Material: PVC (polyvinyl chloride)
  • Box increments: 10

The NLS 30318 Solid Mounting Block is a versatile and robust solution for securely mounting electrical accessories onto walls or ceilings. Its durable construction, ample cable management space, and conduit entry options make it a practical choice for various applications, providing enhanced protection for cables and ensuring a neat and tidy installation.

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