NLS 30320 | 50mm PVC Cable Gland Black

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NLS 30320 | 50mm PVC Cable Gland Black - Reliable Cable Protection and Sealing Solution

The NLS 30320 Cable Gland is a vital component widely used within the electrical industry to ensure the safeguarding of cables as they traverse metal or plastic enclosures, walls, cabinets, and switchboards. When accurately installed, this gland exerts firm pressure around the cable, forming a secure seal that acts as a barrier against the ingress of moisture, thereby preserving the cable's integrity and functionality.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Cable Protection: Designed to provide robust cable protection while allowing cables to pass through metal or plastic enclosures, walls, cabinets, and switchboards.
  • Watertight Seal: Upon proper installation, the cable gland creates a tight and secure seal around the cable, effectively shielding it against moisture and preventing its penetration.
  • Installation Method: The gland is mounted through a pre-drilled hole, with the lock nut tightened onto the thread, ensuring a secure fit on the enclosure or panel. The desired cable is then threaded through the gland, and as the gland is tightened around the cable, the seal within the cover creates a snug fit that safeguards the cable and holds it firmly in place.
  • Generous Cable Range: With a large cable range accommodating outer diameters of 23mm to 37mm, this gland suits various cable sizes and applications.
  • IP68 Rating: Certified to IP68 standards, the cable gland offers excellent protection against both dust and water intrusion, rendering it suitable for installation in indoor and outdoor environments.
  • Durable Composition: Constructed from durable Nylon PA66 in an elegant black finish, this cable gland ensures longevity and reliability in diverse settings.
  • UV Resistance: The cable gland's UV-resistant properties enhance its suitability for outdoor usage by providing resistance against the effects of sunlight and other environmental factors.
  • Thread and Lock Ring: The gland features a 14mm thread for penetrating the installation point, and an 8mm lock ring for ensuring a secure and dependable installation.

Technical Specifications:

  • SKU: 30320

Cable Gland Details:

  • Type: Cable Gland
  • Brand: National Light Sources
  • Colour: Black
  • Length (mm): 65
  • Protection: IP68
  • Box increments: 4
  • Hole Width (mm): 51
  • Cable size mm (OD): 23-37

The NLS 30320 Cable Gland serves as a reliable solution for maintaining the protection and security of cables across a wide range of applications. With its comprehensive features, durable construction, adherence to IP68 standards, and ease of installation, this cable gland offers a dependable and efficient solution for cable management and protection against environmental elements.

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