NLS 30330 | 6 Pole Recessed Mount Distribution Board

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NLS 30330 | 6 Pole Recessed Mount Distribution Board - Streamlined Electrical Management Solution

The NLS 30330 6 Pole Recessed Mount Distribution Board offers a streamlined solution for efficient electrical management in various applications. Designed with practicality and safety in mind, this distribution board comes equipped with essential components to ensure organized and reliable distribution of electrical currents.

Included Components:

  • Door: The distribution board features a convenient door for easy access and visual inspection of the internal components.
  • Neutral Link: A neutral link is provided for balanced distribution of electrical currents and optimal circuit functionality.
  • Earth Link: The earth link ensures proper grounding, enhancing the safety of the distribution system.
  • Fillers: Fillers are included to maintain a neat appearance and allow for potential future expansions.
  • Backboard: The backboard offers a stable mounting surface for all components, ensuring a secure installation.
  • Sticker Labels: Sticker labels are provided to facilitate clear identification of circuits and components, aiding in organization and maintenance.

Advanced Safety and Compliance:

  • Poly Carbonate Fire Resistant Material: Constructed from Poly Carbonate, a fire-resistant material, the distribution board enhances safety and durability.
  • Compliance with IEC Standards: The distribution board is designed in accordance with IEC standards, ensuring adherence to industry regulations for safety and performance.

Technical Specifications:

  • SKU: 30330

Distribution Board Details:

  • Type: Enclosures
  • Brand: National Light Sources

Key Specifications:

  • Shipping Weight: 0.6890kg
  • Shipping Width: 0.205m
  • Shipping Height: 0.100m
  • Shipping Length: 0.260m
  • Shipping Cubic: 0.005330000m3

The NLS 30330 6 Pole Recessed Mount Distribution Board is designed to simplify electrical management while prioritizing safety and compliance. With its included components and adherence to industry standards, this distribution board provides a reliable platform for effective electrical distribution in a variety of settings.

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