NLS 30636 | Adaptable Box 300mm x 300mm x 150mm IP65

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Introducing the NLS 30636 Adaptable Box 300mm x 300mm x 150mm IP65 - Ultimate Protection for Your Cable Connections

Elevate your cable connections and ensure they are well-protected with the NLS 30636 Adaptable Box. With an impressive IP65 rating, this adaptable box prevents water and dust ingress, making it the perfect choice for exterior cable connections. Whether you're safeguarding electrical, data, MATV, or relay connections, this box guarantees continuous protection against the elements.

Key Features:

  • Premium Weather Resistance: The NLS 30636 Adaptable Box boasts an IP65 rating, delivering exceptional protection against water and dust infiltration. Its sturdy construction ensures your connections remain secure and functional, even in challenging environmental conditions.

  • Versatile Applications: Designed for joining cables, connecting wires, and terminating equipment, the NLS 30636 Adaptable Box offers versatile applications. Its adaptable design provides flexibility for a range of connection needs.

  • Durable PVC Build: Crafted from robust PVC material, this adaptable box is built to withstand tough conditions. Its durability makes it an ideal choice for submains termination, cable repairs, or creating multi-way junction points.

  • Secure Lid Seal: The four Phillips Head screws ensure a secure seal for the lid, maintaining the weatherproof rating. Your connections stay protected, no matter the weather.


  • Brand: National Light Sources
  • SKU: 30636
  • Colour: Light Grey
  • Width: 300 mm
  • Depth: 150 mm
  • Length: 300 mm
  • Material: PVC
  • IP Rating: 65

Experience Unrivaled Protection: Elevate your cable connections and ensure their safety with the NLS 30636 Adaptable Box. National Light Sources is known for providing reliable solutions that combine durability and functionality.

Upgrade your outdoor cable setups today with the NLS 30636 Adaptable Box. Order now to experience unmatched protection for your critical connections, ensuring they remain secure in any weather condition.

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