NLS 30684 | Cable Clips Suit 2.5mm Twin & Earth 5000 TUB | FC2.5TUB5000

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Introducing the NLS Cable Clips Suit 2.5mm Twin & Earth 5000 TUB | FC2.5TUB5000: Efficient Cable Management Solution

The NLS Cable Clips Suit 2.5mm Twin & Earth 5000 TUB | FC2.5TUB5000 is your go-to solution for securely fastening electrical cables to timber surfaces. With a user-friendly clip-on feature and anti-droop insulation grips, these cable clips offer an efficient and organized cable management solution. This tub contains a generous quantity of 5000 clips, making it a cost-effective choice for various installation projects.

Product Features:

  • Clip-On Installation: These cable clips are designed with a convenient clip-on feature that enables easy single-handed installation. This saves you time and effort during cable management tasks.

  • Anti-Droop Insulation Grips: Equipped with anti-droop insulation grips, these clips prevent cables from sagging or drooping over time. This ensures that your cable installation remains tidy and well-organized.

  • Durable Construction: The cable clips are crafted from impact-resistant Polypropylene, ensuring durability and longevity. The nails are made from zinc-plated hardened steel (Rockwell 47 hardness), providing a secure attachment to timber surfaces.

  • Wide-Throat Jar: The packaging includes a new wide-throat jar that facilitates easy access to the cable clips. This design ensures convenience during installation and storage.


  • Brand: National Light Sources
  • SKU: 30684
  • Barcode: 9336700014520
  • Shipping Weight: 7.4800kg
  • Shipping Width: 0.290m
  • Shipping Height: 0.160m
  • Shipping Length: 0.440m
  • Shipping Cubic: 0.020416000m3

Streamlined Cable Management, Enhanced Efficiency: Elevate your cable management efforts with the NLS Cable Clips Suit 2.5mm Twin & Earth 5000 TUB | FC2.5TUB5000. These clips offer a reliable and organized solution for securing electrical cables to timber surfaces. With their robust construction and user-friendly features, they ensure an efficient installation process and sustained performance.

Opt for NLS Cable Clips to access a comprehensive range of cable management solutions tailored to your requirements. Enhance your cable installations with the exceptional quality and reliability of National Light Sources products.

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