NLS 30733 | Junction Box 1 Gang Grey IP66 Rated

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Introducing the NLS 30733 | Junction Box 1 Gang Grey IP66 Rated: Superior Protection for Your Electrical Connections

The NLS 30733 Junction Box is your ultimate solution for secure and reliable electrical connections, designed to withstand challenging environments while providing top-tier protection. Crafted with precision and quality in mind, this junction box boasts a range of features that make it a standout choice for various applications. From its robust IP66 rating, threaded cable entry points, and impact-resistant construction, this junction box ensures your electrical connections remain safe and operational under any conditions.

Key Features:

  • Advanced IP66 Rating: Engineered to prevent water and dust ingress, the IP66 rating of this junction box ensures your electrical connections are safeguarded against the elements. Whether it's rain, dust, or other environmental factors, your connections remain secure.

  • Threaded Cable Entry Points: Equipped with threaded cable entry points, this junction box offers versatile installation options. It features two top entry points (2xM251.5mm) and one bottom entry point (1xM321.5mm), allowing for flexible cable management.

  • Additional Threaded Reducer: The package includes a threaded reducer (1xM25-20*1.5mm), enhancing installation flexibility and compatibility with various cable sizes.

  • Durable Impact-Resistant Construction: Crafted from impact-resistant plastic materials, this junction box ensures a long lifespan even after installation. Its sturdy build guarantees that your electrical connections remain secure over time.

  • Exceptional Quality and Appearance: Experience unmatched quality and familiarity with these industrial-grade products. Their interchangeable design ensures seamless integration with existing products on the market.

  • Height, Width, Depth: With dimensions of 101mm (H) x 101mm (W) x 91mm (D), this junction box offers ample space for your connections while maintaining a compact profile.

  • Surface Mount: Designed for easy surface mounting, this junction box provides hassle-free installation without compromising its protection capabilities.


  • Brand: National Light Sources
  • SKU: 30733
  • Barcode: 9336700015541
  • Shipping Weight: 0.3390kg
  • Shipping Width: 0.110m
  • Shipping Height: 0.110m
  • Shipping Length: 0.110m
  • Shipping Cubic: 0.001331000m3
  • Type: Industrial Outlets
  • Height (mm): 101
  • Width (mm): 101
  • Depth (mm): 91

Secure Connections, Superior Protection: Elevate your electrical connections with the NLS 30733 Junction Box 1 Gang Grey IP66 Rated. With its impressive features, rugged construction, and exceptional quality, this junction box offers unparalleled protection for your valuable connections. Whether for industrial applications or demanding environments, trust National Light Sources to provide you with reliable solutions that ensure your connections remain safe and functional.

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