NLS CCO2525 | Corrugated conduit orange 25mm 25 mtr roll

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Introducing the NLS CCO2525 Corrugated Conduit: Heavy-Duty Electrical Protection with a 25-Meter Roll

The NLS CCO2525 Corrugated Conduit, a part of our Budget Range, is your reliable choice for safeguarding electrical wiring and cables in demanding environments. With a substantial 25mm external diameter and a generous 25-meter roll, this conduit provides robust protection for your electrical systems. Here's why it's the perfect solution for heavy-duty applications:

Key Features:

  • 25mm Diameter: This conduit features a sturdy 25mm external diameter, ensuring it can handle the most challenging electrical setups with ease.

  • 25 Meter Roll: With a lengthy 25-meter roll, you have ample length to secure and protect your electrical wiring, even in extensive installations.

  • Electrical Corro Conduit: Engineered explicitly for electrical applications, this conduit guarantees the highest level of protection and durability for your critical wiring.

  • Heavy-Duty Design: Built to withstand harsh environments and demanding use, this conduit is suitable for applications where ruggedness is essential.

  • Budget Range: As part of our cost-effective range, it offers heavy-duty electrical protection without straining your budget.


  • Type: Corrugated Conduit


  • SKU: CCO2525

  • Colour: Orange

  • Conduit External Diameter (mm): 25

  • Length (mtr): 25

The NLS CCO2525 Corrugated Conduit is your assurance of safety and longevity for your electrical systems in challenging conditions. Whether it's for industrial machinery, outdoor installations, or any demanding application, this conduit provides top-tier protection for your wiring.

Its heavy-duty construction and substantial 25-meter roll make it ideal for extensive installations and demanding environments. Moreover, it's designed specifically for electrical applications, giving you peace of mind when securing your electrical components.

Enhance the security of your heavy-duty electrical setups with the NLS CCO2525 Corrugated Conduit. It's the budget-friendly option that combines quality and reliability. Don't compromise on safety—order yours today and ensure the lasting performance of your electrical systems.

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