Surface Mount Switchboard with Lock

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The Surface Mount Switchboard with Lock from DZ Electrical is a reliable and secure solution for your electrical needs. It comes with a lock attachment for added security and is rated up to 100A, 240/415V, AC 50/60Hz. The on-load current is 100/1-phase, 63/3-phase and is made from ABS (UV) fire resistant material.

The switchboard also includes double-row copper fillers and labels, and is certified with CE and RoHS standards. It is a great choice for any electrical installation, providing a secure and reliable solution.

  • Lock Attachment Included
  • IP40
  • Electric ratings: up to 100A, 240/415V, AC 50/60Hz
  • On-load current (A): 100/1-phase, 63/3-phase
  • Material: ABS (UV) Fire resistant
  • Double-row Copper
  • Fillers & labels included
  • CE & RoHS